MagicLogic’s BlackBox optimizer is a Windows service providing easy-to-integrate load optimization capabilities to website or software developers. Its main applications are Cartonization and Mixed Palletization using robotics.

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Software for High Speed Cartonization

The original Cube-IQ BlackBox Load Engine has maximum fill rate as its main objective. Add to this lightning-fast container sophisticated rules ensuring that the most efficient container is automatically selected. Near real-time response means you can use the results during checkout as well as for pick, carton selection and fulfilment.

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Software for Palletization

The BlackBox contains a separate optimization engine, developed specifically for Mixed Palletization. Industry-standard APIs mean easy integration into your WMS and pick controlers. Complex mixed-case pallet stacking, including robotics or manual pack stations are all supported.

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design from the ground up

Designed from the Ground Up

Adaptable and Friendly. Our customers know what they need, and that is a system that works seamlessly with what they already have. We used this simple premise to design the BlackBox from the ground up.

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Easy to Integrate

BlackBox can be configured to operate with any system available that can generate data to a standard schema. Your system integrators will be up and running in a few days with our straightforward and powerful APIs.

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BlackBox architecture is specifically designed to grow with you, from a single CPU to a network of servers. The system is fast, self-tuning and self-balancing. VMs and Cloud installations are fully supported.

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Speaks the Right Language

Our software utilizes the industry standard of XML or JSON for data transfer, and as you’d expect, it supports SOAP, REST and direct TCP connections for ease of integration.

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Simple to Maintain

Most operations run 24/7 and downtime must be minimized or preferably obviated.  BlackBox includes diagnostics and self-monitoring tools.

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BlackBox works with you, regardless of whether that’s in a WMS/TMS environment, fulfilling hundreds of orders in real-time in an e-tailing environment, or intense cartonization operations. In every case, your unique requirements are met by its flexible, intuitive rule set.

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Over half of our business is focused on enhancing and customizing our products to meet customers’ specific requirement.

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