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MagicLogic Optimization Inc. Selected as 2023 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – Our 21st Consecutive Year Receiving This Award

We are proud to announce that once again, Inbound Logistics has selected MagicLogic Optimization as a Top 100 Logistics Provider for 2023. We have now been selected for this award for 21 consecutive years. It is always an honour to receive this award, and we like to display our Top 100 badge on our website and communications with customers.

"Every April for the past 25 years, Inbound Logistics editors have selected 100 logistics technology companies that enable logistics and supply chain excellence' explains Inbound Logistics editor Felecia Stratton. "MagicLogic Optimization Inc. was recognized for leading the way in 2023 and positioning enterprises to scale and grow. MagicLogic Optimization Inc. excels at providing solutions that drive supply chain excellence and answer IL readers' needs for simplicity, ROI, and frictionless implementation. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor MagicLogic Optimization Inc. for continuing to offer our readers solutions that optimize logistics and supply chain excellence and drive enterprise performance."

MagicLogic is constantly working on improving our load optimization software further and building and strengthening industry partnerships. Our recent introduction of Cube-IQ Web and hosted BlackBox solutions are proving extremely popular, with companies increasingly seeking more mobile solutions suited to today's workforce.

R&D of existing and new products is incredibly important to us, so we can continue to cater to the changing needs of our customers. Felecia elaborates further on how our company was selected: "Top 100 Logistics IT Providers such as MagicLogic Optimization Inc. help customers navigate the complexities of global trade and expansion. MagicLogic Optimization Inc. provides the technology solutions Inbound Logistics readers need to successfully manage their global enterprises, minimize disruption damage, and adapt to changing trade currents. Accordingly, Inbound Logistics is proud to honor MagicLogic Optimization's innovative solutions empowering global logistics and supply chain excellence."

The Selection Process
Every April, Inbound Logistics editors recognize 100 logistics IT companies that support and enable enterprise excellence. Drawn from a pool of more than 300 companies, using questionnaires, phone calls, personal interviews, and other research, Inbound Logistics selects the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers who are leading the way to efficiency for 2023 and beyond. Editors match our readers' fast-changing needs to the capabilities of those companies selected.  All companies selected reflect leadership by answering and anticipating supply chain leaders' needs for simplicity, flexible pricing, ROI, and frictionless implementation.

About Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics is the pioneering magazine empowering demand-driven enterprises. IL's educational mission is to guide businesses to efficiently manage logistics, reduce and speed inventory, and neutralize transportation cost increases by aligning supply to demand and adjusting enterprise functions to support that paradigm shift. More information about demand-driven enterprise practices is available at

About Our Load Optimization Software
MagicLogic load optimization solutions are suitable for small to medium-sized companies and larger multinationals shipping thousands of products daily. Our Cube-IQ Load Optimization software includes our subscription-based service, where users can access the software from their smartphone, tablet or browser, and is perfect for flexible workplaces. BlackBox, our flagship product, can handle complex Cartonization and palletization, including true robotic palletization. BlackBox integrates easily with any WMS/ERP system, including legacy systems. Industry-specific solutions tailored to accommodate specific requirements are available. We also offer a custom service for companies with unique shipping requirements.
Please contact us to learn more about our software solutions and to arrange a quick demo.

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