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Answers to 15 Common Load Optimization Problems

1. Our shipping costs are too high, and containers/pallets are never properly filled.

MagicLogic specializes in high-efficiency container and pallet loading. From railcars to trucks to pallets to ULDs and small parcels. Typical savings are in the 5-20% range and are easily calculated and tracked.

2. We get fined and turned around because our trucks are too heavy or improperly balanced.

Our software can calculate loads taking into account weight distribution front/back and left/right, and can also balance weight across axles, meeting all state regulations and avoiding those pesky fines that mount up so quickly.

3. Our products arrive damaged due to poor loading, resulting in high returns.

Poorly loaded products are the leading cause of damage during transit, as is a lack of support, bracing, and dunnage. As a result, approximately 1 in 10 eCommerce packages arrive damaged, significantly impacting the bottom line. Our customizable loading rules ensure products are loaded according to specified orientation, stacking, etc., ensuring even fragile items are protected and arrive in perfect condition.

4. We rely heavily on tribal knowledge for our loading – what happens when that person leaves or retires?

Our software removes the risk of tribal knowledge by installing an easy-to-use system that will provide consistent results no matter who uses it, and if someone leaves or you take on new staff, we can provide staff training. With the proper training, we can get them up to speed in just an hour or so.

5. We have a high staff turnover – it’s taking too long to train them how to load properly.

Churn / Inexperienced staff who don’t have a clue how to load or stack safely and effectively are trained quickly to use Cube-IQ. Our software is deliberately designed to be intuitive to use, with a loading screen that already looks and feels like an Excel document. With the help of our support team, we can get even the most inexperienced user loading like a pro within a couple of hours at most.

6. We have no idea if our guys are loading products correctly.

With our software, anyone can read the easy-to-follow loading plans. They show step by step how a container needs to be loaded, ensuring it is cubed out correctly and items arrive in perfect condition.

7. We need to automate – we receive thousands of orders daily and need something to tell our team how to pack fast.

Our loading programs can process orders in near real-time, telling packers which carton to use and how to pack items leaving minimum void space.

8. Our new or existing WMS or ERP system is giving poor results- we think we can do better

MagicLogic software integrates seamlessly with new and existing WMS and ERP systems. Often these systems only include a loading program as an add-on, realizing that many users will not utilize it. In comparison, we do nothing but loading software and have dedicated the last quarter of a century to developing our loading software and are still refining and improving it.


9. We have difficulty finding software to meet our unique constraints or requirements.

Our loading rules are fully customizable to meet even the most exacting requirements, ensuring every load is fully compliant and safe. For example, do you have fragile items that can only be packed on top? No problem! Simply specify that in the loading rules. The same goes for other awkward to load items that perhaps can only be loaded in one orientation. Our comprehensive loading rules cover most operational requirements, but if you need something customized we can also customize rules to suit.

10. Our company policy is to become greener – we need to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have all been in that situation where we have received items in oversized cartons, packaged with excessive dunnage to prevent them from moving around during transportation. Our software utilizes the dimensions and weight of items to select the right sized carton, order after order, minimizing fill material while still ensuring items arrive perfectly presented and packaged for the customer.

11. How can we select containers or cartons more efficiently?

Our loading software automatically selects the right containers or cartons for orders. So you don’t need to worry about selecting them or that they won’t be filled correctly. You can even have additional fill items packed to cube out a load when necessary, avoiding paying for empty space in an expensive container.

12. We need to quote shipping costs more quickly.

Once our software receives the order, it immediately calculates the best-sized carton for each order and the shipping costs. It is perfect for busy eCommerce sites.

13. We are struggling with HAZMAT / Liion shipping rules.

HAZMAT and Liion shipping rules are complicated, but Cube-IQ handles them with ease. Our customizable loading rules ensure all hazardous or combustible products are loaded safely, so once packed, then you can ship with confidence; there is no need to check or repack cartons.

14. Our guy spends hours each day planning shipments.

Planning intricate and large loads is time-consuming, even for experienced planners. With our software, all items, their dimensions, and their weight are already imported into the program. It is simply a matter of selecting items and the number required, and the load optimization software does the rest, saving hours of labor costs and packing loads more efficiently. You can even save popular load plans for reuse.

15. We need to order containers well in advance, but it is taking too long to plan loads.

Many of our customers plan loads months ahead, using our software, so they know exactly how many containers of each size to order. With the recent increase in shipping costs, these calculations are even more important than before and ensure customers receive products when expected.Do these problems sound familiar? Contact us to discover more about our load optimization solutions and an online demo.

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