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Magiclogic Suite

Cube-IQ, Cube-IQ-Web and BlackBox

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Powerful interactive Load Planning on your desktop workstation. Slick and simple to use, with a familiar user interface.

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Trim, responsive and flexible, this pocket powerhouse is the solution if you are in the warehouse or on the road.

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Fast, scalable plug-in or service for high-speed Cartonization and complex Mixed Palletization from within your ERP/WMS.

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Magiclogic is ideal for

load visualization
Load planning
load optimization

The MagicLogic difference:

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Tailored For Different Cases

MagicLogic features multiple apps, tailor-made for different industries and run scenarios.

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Built-In Database Engine

Cube-IQ has a complete database engine that allows clients to share and export the database across multiple users.

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Fully Flexible

Cube-IQ offers full flexibility in loading and stacking rules, which you can define for each orientation of a box.

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Excellent Support

We provide fast phone support, software updates, and a dedicated professional team ready to help you.

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Our architecture is specifically designed to fit the bill from a single CPU to a network of servers. No additional software is required.

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Run in Your Language

Cube-IQ software runs in many languages, and additional languages can be added without the need for new software releases.

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Advanced Loading Capabilities

Cube-IQ ensures weights are automatically calculated to remain within limits, ensuring loads are legal and safe.

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Graphical User Interface

Cube-IQ has a complete user interface, with drag-&-drop to build up loading jobs, on-screen and 3D graphics.

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