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Accelerating eCommerce Driving Demand for Greener Packaging

Environmentalists have been urging everyone to choose greener and more sustainable options for a long while, but the increased demand for eCommerce over the past few months has seen their voice grow in stature.
Since Covid-19, consumers have become increasingly sensitive toward packaging. Excess packaging is difficult and cumbersome to recycle, and manufacturers and consumers are increasingly asking for more renewable materials, reflecting the growing aversion toward single-use plastics globally.

Many companies have already risen to the challenge by adopting more sustainable packaging practices and eliminating the need for unnecessary fill material. By ensuring they send out a product in the proper size container, these companies increase customer satisfaction while helping the environment.

Adopting More Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions

Usually, eCommerce companies will have a limited range of boxes, adapting these to fit whatever needs packaging. Consequently, they often need substantial filler material such as packing peanuts, paper or plastic. But it is a solution that is becoming increasingly outdated. Nowadays, more companies are using software to pick the right size of the carton for the order.

Choosing the right size carton reduces the need for corrugated cardboard and reduces the filler used to package the item. Also, choosing the correct sized cartons makes the best use of warehouse space and space on the delivery truck. Overall, the company’s carbon footprint size reduces. Using the proper size of the box helps to ensure the product arrives in perfect condition. When a product is packed into an oversized box, it can arrive damaged, increasing costs and resulting in unhappy and dissatisfied customers.


When plastic is needed as packing material, solutions are available, and which help promote recycling. Some companies are now using reusable packing materials and are looking into innovative ways to repurpose plastic waste materials. Companies that use repurposed or recycled content are seen as greener by consumers, something that helps to increase the feel-good aspect of buying a product.

More consumers are demanding companies become more sustainable, without wishing to lose the convenience of ever-faster delivery times, which is where our software can help.

High-Speed Cartonization with BlackBox

Our BlackBox software is the result of years of R&D, cumulating in a list of features that make the system an integrator’s dream. It includes our state-of-the-art loading algorithm, ensuring the best carton is selected from your stock, order after order in near real-time. A lightning-fast response means BlackBox is ideal for use during checkout and pick carton selection and fulfilment. The software uses true 3-D placement of every item, ensuring an optimal solution.

Because items are packed accurately, they are more likely to arrive in perfect condition without creating a cardboard mountain. Find out how BlackBox can help your eCommerce company achieve a lower carbon footprint, without compromising quality or delivery times by contacting us today.

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